Just in: Gabriel Lynch's new single, 'Love Can Conquer Anything'

Just in: Gabriel Lynch's new single, 'Love Can Conquer Anything'

Upbeat drop

Text: Su Fen Tan

Take a listen to Gabriel Lynch's brand new track here

A singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, Gabriel Lynch has been quite the regular in the local indie music circuit since making the move to KL three years ago. The full-time musician is a go-getter who has managed to shape his life around his passion. When he is not writing music for commercials, he works on his own music. His last full-length album titled All of Us was released in 2015, a unique production as it was partly crowdfunded by fans. In return, Lynch wrote them a song of their own chosen title and topic—that's possibly one of the best gifts a fan could hope to receive.


Following 'Tripping Wire', a single that was released earlier this year, Lynch paces on with a brand new track: 'Love Can Conquer Anything'. According to Lynch, it's a "light-hearted tune about how strange it feels to go back home to Australia after so much time spent living abroad—before KL I had spent three years singing jazz in hotel lobbies in Bangkok!"


Light-hearted and upbeat, it's a great track to kick-off the week with. Listen to it here: