Froya launches another sweet treat


By Su Fen Tan

Froya launches another sweet treat

First it was ‘Dark Chocolate’, then came ‘Sunny Side Down’. Now, just weeks before Froya is set to take the stage at Good Vibes Festival, she tantalises our (hearing) palate with her latest single, ‘Black Macaroon’.

The producer and singer-songwriter’s second release of the year, ‘Black Macaroon’ is a battle song of sorts, following the grittier edge of her previous two releases with a bold spirit. According to Froya, the song relates to one “struggling to escape anxiety, battling low self esteem and being overwhelmed by numerous insecurities…All before realising that we, ourselves, are our own biggest enemy”. It’s deeply personal and reflective, this one.

Devour ‘Black Macaroon’ in its entirety here:

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