The bigger picture behind Daiyan Trisha’s new single, ‘Kita Manusia’



By Su Fen Tan

The bigger picture behind Daiyan Trisha’s new single, ‘Kita Manusia’

Slowly, but surely, the wall of taboo surrounding mental health is being torn down—as it should, at a time where the subject is more relevant than ever. In Malaysia, a survey by the National Health and Morbidity shows that 1.8% of the Malaysian population (approximately 560,000 people) are depressed, and it’s a number that is still growing.


Hoping to shed light on this, singer-songwriter Daiyan Trisha releases a new single aimed at driving awareness for mental health in Malaysia. Titled ‘Kita Manusia’, which translates into ‘We are human’, it is a song to remind us to never stop trying through hardships, sadness and frustration, as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel; it is an anthem of courage and encouragement, saying it’s okay for us to feel all sorts of emotions because we are, after all, human.

This song is rather personal for Daiyan, as the inspiration came from her own struggle with a mild form of depression. Fortunately she overcame that dark phase of her life with the support of her family and close friends. The experience also helped her realise the power of support groups, thus she decided to accompany the single with a social media campaign (#KitaManusia), where she gathered several individuals to share their personal struggles and stories. Hopefully these inspiring stories will reach out to people who might be going through challenging times in their lives and remind them that they are not alone.


Follow the #KitaManusia social media campaign on Daiyan’s YouTube channel as well as on Instagram


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