Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #25 : Emo Angst

Let it all out


By Buro247

Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #25 : Emo Angst

The early 2000s had a fantastic amount of diverse music floating around both the commercial and less-mainstream spheres. It was the last time we pretty much saw rock and metal music left to its purer forms: your usual combination of distorted guitars, drums, bass and vocals, devoid of any electronic boosters that have infected many of today’s commercial rock music. 


Back then, it wasn’t just the fact that rock and metal music had reached a glorious peak of sub-genres that complemented each other. Most of you reading this would have probably been teenagers back then, and these would have been the tunes you turned to, y’know, dwell in the pain of growing up (in fact, I think many of us adults today still feel like we’re in pain, trying to grow up and all). 


I could create numerous playlists for music like this. But here’s some brooding tunes to get you started on some emo-angst: 


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