Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #17: 80s Rock

Fabulous, fun and furious


By Buro247

Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #17: 80s Rock

I love everything about music in the 80s. There was a sense of naivety in the way they presented their musical narratives. I mean, songs about sex or sexuality, drugs and other taboo topics – unlike the explicit tunes we hear today – were all radio-friendly, fun, and catchy. It helps too, that rock musicians of the 80s were all about loudness, not just in their music, but in the way they dressed and the way they performed on stage.

Bands like Queen, of course, were the perfect embodiment of this legendary, inimitable era of music. But today, we don’t have to look far to see 80s rock music influences in modern day bands, mostly of the “indie” rock genre. Have a listen to John Lennon, Joy Division and The Smiths and you’ll hear a sort of familiarity that has been emulated by modern-day rock bands.