Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #16: Cover Combination

All about those covers


By Buro247

Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlist #16: Cover Combination

Personally, I love hearing or watching artistes perform music from other artists. In some ways, it’s often interesting to hear creative variations of the original tune; but in other ways, sometimes the cover outdoes the original song instead. This playlist isn’t exactly a best-of-covers kind of thing (although it is for you to judge), but it is indeed a compilation of some fun outtakes to inject some new life into your weekend.

A little bit of Foster the People almost kicking the EDM out of Calvin Harris; a little of Kimbra singing Snow White; some Miley Cyrus without the twerking; and of course, a nice little surprise for you right at the end. Enjoy:  

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