35 hours of underwater filming, 250 dives and a powerful message make up this captivating MV

Music with a message

35 hours of underwater filming, 250 dives and a powerful message make up this captivating MV

Text: Su Fen Tan

Novo Amor’s music video for ‘Birthplace’ showcases the beauty of the ocean — and the danger that it faces

Sometimes, visuals speak a thousand words—these images certainly prove that point. In the case of the stunning video for Novo Amor's 'Birthplace', the visuals send a powerful message alongside the Welsh artiste's poignant, haunting music.  

Directed by Dutch director duo Jorik Dozy and Sil van der Woerd, the music video features freediver Michael Board, who is seen swimming in the ocean amongst beautiful sea life, before coming across the harsh reality of ocean pollution and a life-sized whale—made of waste. The directors worked with cinematographer Nihal Friedel, as well as Malaysian filmmaking company New Frontier Pictures to bring the video the life.


"When Sil and Jorik first approached me with this idea, I assumed it would involve a lot of visual effects. But when they told me that it would be done for real, I began to question if it would even be possible—it seemed too crazy to pull off, but that was also what motivated us to make it happen. It was an empowering and unique project, with a final product that is incredibly fulfilling," commented Sean Lin, Founder and Producer of New Frontier Pictures.


Behind this impactful video are the following figures:

35 hours of underwater film in Bali and Komodo Island

• Michael Board performed more than 250 free dives to capture the footage

• A 13-metre long whale built by a team of 25 people, and controlled by 8 people underwater 


For more information on 'Birthplace', as well as facts and figures on the very real environmental issue that is ocean pollution, visit

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