7 Must-see gigs, live performances and musical shows to enjoy this December 2019


By Zoe Yang

7 Must-see gigs, live performances and musical shows to enjoy this December 2019

6 7 December 2019, A Tribute to Abba @ No Black Tie, KL

Mamma Mia, Chiquitita! If you’re an avid fan of legendary Abba’s music, you most definitely don’t want to miss out on this gig! Musicians Dasha Logan, Poova, and Rozz have made quite a name for themselves in the music industry, not only in the local scene but internationally, too. With the talented trios’ unique, strong vocals, you’re in for a real treat–relive the nostalgic era through Abba’s ’70s hits at the live show. Drop by the cosy space, and be a proud Dancing Queen! Tickets for December 6th are sold out; make sure to grab the next availability before they are all gone!

Ticket price starts at RM75. To know more about the performers and information about the gig, visit here.

9 December 2019, Chamber Concert IX @ Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, MPO

The Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) will be performing a chamber music repertoire as part of MPO’s chamber concert series. Audiences will get to enjoy a group of talented musicians play in small ensembles, performing works by Klengel, Haydn, Vivaldi, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovich, and more. Treat your ears to the fine strings and tunes of a few delicate musical instruments including piano, violins, cellos, and more on that evening!

Tickets are priced at RM28. For more information, visit here.

10 December 2019, The Frankie Sixes @ No Black Tie, KL

The Frankie Sixes is made up of four well-experienced musicians, Reza Salleh (vocals), Ee Jeng (keys), Che Wan (double bass), and KJ (drums). Audiences can enjoy the band’s swing jazz music performance to end the night in serenity. As it’s the month of Christmas, the band will also be performing a few festive songs.

P/S: Watching a live jazz performance after a day’s hard work doesn’t sound like a bad idea, too.

Ticket price starts at RM53. To know more about the performers and information about the gig, visit here.

11 December 2019, Dylan Moran  Dr Cosmos @ Galaxy Banquet Hall, KL

BAFTA and Perrier award-winning Dylan Moran is not only a comedian but also an actor, writer, filmmaker, and artist. Known for his observational comedy style, the Irish comedian will be delivering his witty lines, inspired from aspects of love, politics, misery, and the absurdities in life. If you’re still in need of some convincing, the comedian has been called the Oscar Wilde of comedy and famed style  deadpan, witty and crackpot lyricism  his comedy bits are bound to send audiences into fits of laughter! Early bird tickets are sold out, so get yours before they run out.

Ticket price starts at RM130. For more information, visit here.

12  14 December 2019, The Music of Star Wars @ MPO

It’s impossible not to think about Star Wars’ opening theme song, Star Wars (Main Title), when one mentions the name. It is that epic on its own, and to think how the franchise influenced pop culture from then to now. This December, Belgian conductor Dirk Brossé will be leading the orchestra to perform musical genius John Williams’ epic scores from Star Wars. Go realise your childhood (or teenage) dream, and gain firsthand experience at the orchestra. May the Force be with you; it’s definitely going to be a night to remember! Tickets for December 13th are sold out. Quickly grab tickets for the other dates as there are limited seats left.

Ticket price starts from RM361.60. For more information, visit here.

14 December 2019, Purple Xmas Party @ The Bee, Publika

Gone but not forgottenin celebration of the love for music and Christmas month, The Rainbow Children is delighted to perform songs by the iconic Prince, paying tribute to his musical legacy. The band consists of Evelyn Feroza (lead singer), Jude Bensing (lead singer), Fuad Alhabshi of Kyoto Protocol (lead singer), Omar Ibrahim (drums), Kevin Choo (horn), Khairul Anwar (horn), Dave Kitzkiniki (guitar), Gideon Yogan (bass), and Sharon (keys). Known for being one of the Prince inspired tributes in Asia, you’re sure to party like the celebrated singer on that night!

Ticket price starts from RM76.30. For more information, visit here.

20 21 December 2019, Jakob Dinesen & Michael Veerapen Trio @ No Black Tie, KL

Two-time Grammy winning jazz performer Jakob Dinesen will be in town to entertain audiences with a jazz performance. He is prominently known for his skillful instrumental techniques, hence making him one of the most sought after tenor saxophonists in the world. Not only that, seasoned jazz pianist Michael Veerapen will also be making an appearance that evening.

Ticket price starts at RM64. For more information, visit here.

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