#MCODiaries: A WFH day in the life of a cat—why are the humans not leaving the house?!


By Rachel Au

#MCODiaries: A WFH day in the life of a cat—why are the humans not leaving the house?!

6th April 2020, Monday


My day starts when (one of) my humans wake up. And (one of) mine wakes up really early. Not as early as me! I haven’t even slept yet! Lazy humans.


She takes forever to open the door for me. Doesn’t she know by now that she needs to scratch my head and chin? Doesn’t she know her place yet?! Does she not know how to open a door?!

Oh, but she’s so good at them. Okay, fine, I’ll keep her.


She pours me breakfast but it’s the same ‘cereal’ as dinner. Boring. Okay, I’ll eat it a little.


Human is busy with her moving pictures thing. I go off to the window. A lot of my friends haven’t come to visit lately. I bet it’s because those humans of mine haven’t left the house! They scared them all off!

Why are they not leaving me alone?!


Male human is awake. I go to him because my teeth feels a little “itchy”. I tried to nibble but he gave a weird yelp. Humans. I hear that people have thick skin, but not mine.


Female human had a shower. She is putting something on her face! Maybe they’re finally leaving the house!


So, false alarm. She’s sitting in her same spot again today. In the living room. With her other moving pictures machine. She’s talking to this other human, completely ignoring me—oh hey, what’s that?


Fret not, humans! I have defeated the fly! I chased it across every sofa and protected my human. I’m a good cat. I’m an amazing cat! I am—


I am now bread cat. I am calm. I am still. I am…


Wait, what happened? I remember running around. I remember bread… Oh, human is removing my bread pillow. She is going to the kitchen! I get a treat! 10 points to MCO!


Female human is back. Male human is complaining that I always follow female human. But of course! Female human gives me a lot of head/neck/back rubs all the time.


Wait, what happened? Did I fall asleep again?


Wait, how did I get here? What’s going on?

Look what that female human did when I was sleeping?! I asked her to take one photo and just look!

This is an invasion of privacy! I can sue!


So, I’m bread cat again. Had the zoomies during female human’s Zoom meeting. Clearly, I wasn’t invited to that.


Female human! She’s looking at me. Oh, no. She’s hugging me. Again.

Okay, fine. Just one more time. For the photo so people know I’m treating you right. Be grateful.


The humans are eating. And I need a new WFH bed if female human plans to keep doing this.

Please. ANYONE. Take them away!

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