Malaysian singer Talitha Tan’s Guide to Happiness


By Rachel Au

Malaysian singer Talitha Tan’s Guide to Happiness

What makes me happy?

My cats! FOOD! Also, Netflix, a LOT of workouts (IG Live workouts have been amazing), baking and cooking. Oh, and Sims 4.

Can’t live in the real world? No problem! I’ll escape to the Sims world. (laughs)

A song that makes me smile

Don’t Slack by Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake. I just love the music and amount of energy in that song. The music video is super cute too!

Netflix shows to watch that never fail to cheer me up

Kim’s Convenience. The new season is out and it has some of the best kinds of humour—Mr Kim is the cutest! I’m also currently watching Money Heist and Westworld!

Feel-good movies to watch when I’m feeling down

Shawshank Redemption, Green Book, Ford Vs Ferrari, Castaway, Parasite—there are too many!


Go-to Instagram accounts for a pick-me-up
  • @soimjenn—she’s hella hardworking, relatable and gila
  • @bellakuan—great for baking, cooking and Zen moments
  • @akiniko—for killer full body workouts every day
Happy foods

Banana Loaf from @onehalf_ilaika! Oh my god, it’s heaven-sent.

Otherwise, it’d be a protein-based fruit bowl to make me feel healthy (laughs). OR, on the opposite end of that spectrum, bak kua from Loong Kee.

Happy Hour drinks—non-alcoholic version

Cha Cha from I love how sparkly it makes you feel but also, it’s freaking delicious.

What I do when things feel overwhelming

I have a few go-tos: Workouts, music, cats, bake or cook, and most recently, Tik Tok.

Here’s an inspirational quote, written by me

“My rejections and failures are a testament to the resilient, determined and badass b*tch that I am.” 

Okay (acoustic) by Talitha Tan

Take a break, play the clip below and close your eyes for one comforting moment.


Talitha Tan


Known best for her soulful voice and songs that will tug your heartstrings, Talitha is one of the most popular Malaysian singer-songwriters. Her debut single Okay has garnered over 1.8 million streams on Spotify as well as made waves on the radio. She has also worked with artists such as Man Bai, Darren Ashley, Ali Aiman, SonaOne and Tatsuro Miller, to name a few. Since the start of 2020, she has also released two new songs: You can find dontyouseeme and sweetlove on Spotify now.

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