Malaysia Day 2020 special: How Malaysian are You?


By Stephanie Boey

Malaysia Day 2020 special: How Malaysian are You?

There is so much to love about Malaysia. Our rich history, delicious cuisine and unique local dialects make up our interestingly diverse and colourful country. Another thing to add onto our list of Malaysian treasures—our traditional childhood games.

The popular ones fresh in our memory include congkak, batu seremban, ceper and the ever-famous eraser battle which was responsible for making and breaking friendships in our early years. Times were simpler back then, games were played without the presence of a digital screen!

Here to relive some of the best games we played growing up, we invited local celebrities Cik Manggis, Sophia Liana, Azira Shafinaz from DeFam as well as their musical contemporaries, SonaOne and Arabyrd, funnyman Kuah Jenhan and fashion designer Tengku Syahmi, to go head to head. But what’s a game without a twist? To add more pressure to the cooker, we threw in trivia questions about our ‘tanah air’ for good ol’ fashion fun of multi-tasking. Do you know the answers to all these questions?


Concept, text and coordination: Stephanie Boey

Videography: Octopost Studio

Art direction: Sarah Tai

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