London Fashion Week AW16 culture guide

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London Fashion Week AW16 culture guide

Coming up with a culture guide for London Fashion Week was not an easy task. There are just too many things to do, you’re going to be spoilt for choice if you happen to be in town on a limited time frame. Nevertheless, here are ten things you can do in the city this week:



17 – 19 Feb: Resolution Dance Festival, The Place

No guys, it’s not a rave. Resolution Dance Festival is instead rather literal: it’s the UK’s biggest festival that brings together dancers, choreographers, and the keen observer, to one venue. Currently in its 27th year, the month-long festival allows artists – emerging and experienced alike – to present their work on the stage.

More info here.



17 – 22 Feb Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s 15th anniversary special, Warner Bros. Studio

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Delve backstage of the first ever Harry Potter film and see the props, costumes, film sets and special effects with your own eyes. The anniversary special comprises a series of special features, where you can immerse yourself in the Great Hall at Hogwarts until 22 February.

More info here.



17 Feb – 30 Sep: Art and Alcohol, Tate Britain

With a title like that, how could anyone resist? It turns out Britain has a rich relationship and history with alcohol, and this act that cuts across time, generations, class and gender, has been immortalised in a one-of-a-kind exhibition at Tate Britain.

More info here.



19 Feb – 9 Mar: The Magic Flute, London Coliseum

Opera’s favourite comical bird catcher and royalties will take the stage in Mozart’s epic composition The Magic Flute. The English Opera will be performing the historical musical wonder, all the way until early March.

More info here.



20 Feb: Post-War Public Art Walk, London Southbank

If you like your morning walks, why not do in London, and get educated while you’re at it, with company too. Take a stroll along London’s Southbank, as you get acquainted with post-war public art that dates from 1951. And if you’re not an early-morning person, don’t worry… it only starts after 10am!

More info here.



20 Feb – 21 May: The Maids, Trafalgar Studios  

Truth be told, we’re really excited about this simply because Uzo Aduba (“Crazy Eyes” from Orange is the New Black) is starring in this play. But on a more serious note, The Maids by Jean Genet (1947) is a sadistic satire of the class system, where two maids (Zawe Ashton and Uzo Aduba) plot some horribly twisted ways to kill their mistress.

More info here.



17 Feb – 14 May: The End of Longing, Playhouse Theatre  

Television’s favourite sarcastic quip is now starring in a play! Yup, it’s Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing from Friends), but this time Perry plays an alcoholic named Jack, who falls for a prostitute.

More info here.



Feb – 22 May: Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art, National Gallery

Dubbed the “blockbuster” show of the year, the works of the French Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix takes centre stage at the National Gallery. And it’s for good reason: Delacroix isn’t just some boring old painter who painted orgies in ancient times; his progressive, dramatic works have been likened to “a poet in painting.”

More info here.



Feb – 19 Mar: The Master Builder, Old Vic

Two words: Ralph Fiennes. The actor – of Voldemort and The Grand Budapest Hotel fame – takes on the role as a morally impeachable craftsman, who deals with a fatal attraction to a woman much younger than him.

More info here.



Feb – 31 Dec: Fashion Rules: Restyled, Kensington Palace

If you were one of those who drool endlessly over royal films, weddings, scandals and the like, you’re going to love this exhibition at Kensington Palace. The exhibition features some four decades of signature clothing worn by the Royal Family’s iconic women.

More info here.


For more on what’s happening in London, check out the official city guide.



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