Li Chun 2024: Auspicious times to deposit money and other lucky symbols

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By Natalie Khoo

Illustrations: Sarah Tai for BURO Malaysia
Li Chun 2024: Auspicious times to deposit money and other lucky symbols

Spring is nearly here, heralding the arrival of the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Known as Li Chun—with li meaning to start and chun representing springtime, youth or joy—this period is synonymous with certain rituals and symbolisms

Traditionally, farmers would sow their first seeds on this day in hopes of reaping a bountiful harvest in the year ahead. Over time, this practice has evolved into “sowing” cash into bank accounts instead, with the similar intention of ushering in prosperity in the coming year. 

In 2024, the date for Li Chun falls on 4 February, at exactly 4.37pm Malaysian time. Here’s a fun fact: it is Li Chun that marks the official start of the new lunar year, not the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations! While the idea of depositing money into your bank account is simple, it is believed that there are “auspicious hours” to maximise your deposits. There are also “inauspicious hours” certain zodiacs should avoid to preserve wealth.

Whether you are a firm believer in feng shui or simply intend to respect tradition, we’ve detailed an auspicious timetable for all the 12 zodiacs—along with other important lucky symbols to know—to help you reap the most benefits this coming Year of the Dragon. Good luck! 


When and where to deposit your money

According to time-honoured beliefs, depositing money during the day can bring about direct wealth, while depositing money in the evening is linked to indirect wealth. For context, sources of direct wealth include career income, allowances, and other legitimate earnings. Meanwhile, indirect wealth may constitute lottery winnings, investment returns, private funds, real estate earnings and savings. It is recommended to deposit money both in the morning and evening to “activate” direct wealth and indirect wealth for abundance throughout the year. 

Generally, the optimal time to make deposits this upcoming Li Chun is predicted to be from 11am to 1pm on 5 February 2024 for all zodiac signs, except for those born in the year of the Snake, Monkey, and Rooster. Most zodiac signs also have two additional auspicious time slots for making deposits. The Ox, Dragon, Monkey, and the Pig get an extra opportunity; but the Snake, Rat, and the Rooster only have one favourable time. 

Check out the roster above to find out what’s the best time for your zodiac sign to cash in. Remember not to withdraw money on those days as the act of depositing money symbolises earnings and savings in the new year, but the opposite is also believed to be true!


What to wear and how much to deposit

Aside from auspicious time slots, some folks believe that wearing specific colours while making the deposit can further boost financial luck. Even if you’re not physically heading to the bank or nearest cash deposit machine to deposit your funds, there’s no harm wearing one of these lucky colours while making an online transfer from your digital wallets into your bank accounts! Additionally, there are fixed “auspicious amounts” to deposit based on the lucky numbers for each zodiac sign too. 


Other lucky traditions to follow

To maximise your fortune and promote smooth-sailing finances in the year ahead, there are several other rituals you can practise during Li Chun:


  • Open doors and windows at home

Before the arrival of Li Chun, it is advisable to open all doors and windows in the morning to replace the “old energy” in the house with fresh yang energy, dragon energy, and auspicious energy. 

  • Stand an egg upright 

According to Chinese tradition, if you can successfully stand an egg upright during Li Chun, it symbolises the smooth reception of the earth’s yang energy, thus promoting good fortune for the entire year. 

  • Fill your wallets

Check your wallet before Li Chun to make sure there are more than just a few bank notes left. It is considered favourable to add cash, checks or even red envelopes given to you by clients or bosses into your wallet, representing a stable income and abundant wealth for the new year. You may also place a Chinese coin in your wallet for extra luck! 

  • Wear red clothes and red strings

It’s no secret that red is generally seen as an auspicious colour in Chinese culture. This is why wearing new red clothes and red strings around your wrists after taking your bath during Li Chun is said to enhance the lucky energy around you. 

  • Share blessings and auspicious words 

Another common practice in Chinese culture is wishing words of blessings and lucky phrases upon others. Some examples include nián nián yǒu yú (may you have abundance year after year) and xīn xiǎng shì chéng (may all your wishes come true). Avoid getting into arguments or being upset with others to prevent negative energy. 



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