How to deflect those annoying questions at family reunions

Enough is enough


By Buro Malaysia

How to deflect those annoying questions at family reunions

It’s yet another essential time of the year. You know, the one that brings your entire family together, and you have to spend the next couple of weeks making awkward small talk with relatives you had forgotten existed. Typically the festivities for the day, takes either the entire afternoon onwards, or merely dinner. And most times, while it’s only a few hours that you have to put up with them, it ends up feeling like a few centuries.


And it’s mostly because of all those darn questions.


I mean, props to your relatives for trying to break the ice with small talk and all that. But these questions have just got to stop.  And it’s up to you to do it. Here are some answers that may help with that:


Q: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

A: No money, how to date?


A: I have a very close relationship with my KFC delivery service.


Q: When are you getting married?

A: No money, how to get married? (side note: for us working in creative industries, we can really say it, and mean it)


Q: When are you going to have kids?

A: Kids? Oh, that happened years ago!


A: I have cats.


Q: Wah, you put on weight ah?

A: Yeah, bad genes. As you can see, it runs in the family.

Q: Why did you choose that hair colour?

A: The same reason why you chose that hair colour.


Q: So you’re studying Communications? What can you do with that?

A: Anything I want, actually.


Q: Got promoted yet?

A: Yes. (even if you haven’t).


Q: What will you be doing in your new position then?

A: The exact same thing, really.


Q: Oh, so you work in communications… Do you get paid a lot?

A: No.

Q: Oh, you just graduated? My son got full A’s while studying in America, he’s becoming a doctor and is going to get paid a five-figured monthly salary, and he also just completed his piano diploma while feeding kids in Africa…

A: Well, at least I have personality.

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