#HappyBirthdayDGHisham: The best Twitter tributes to our national hero


By Redzhanna Jazmin

#HappyBirthdayDGHisham: The best Twitter tributes to our national hero

If you don’t already know who Dr Noor Hisham is; 1) He’s a national treasure 2) Where have you been!? If you need a quick refresh, click here—we’ll wait.

Alright; all caught up? Great. Since the pandemic started, all eyes have been on the surgeon, who has been hailed as a ‘rockstar’ and a ‘national hero’ along with his team–and for good reason too! Leading the fight against COVID-19 is no easy feat, but he’s doing a stellar job so far by enforcing social distancing as per the advice of the World Health Organisation and offering transparent updates on the pandemic, all while still remaining humble through it all.

The people wanted to show their appreciation for their real-life superman and did so in a few creative ways. The first is a little rogue–nearly 40,000 people have signed a petition, pledging to abide by the rules of the MCO in order to show their support and appreciation for him. The second way is a far more traditional approach to creativity, with grateful netizens banding together to commemorate him with artwork. From COVID-19 anime to hand-drawn portraits and even a reinterpretation of Dr Strange, here are the best artwork tributes to the man of the hour!

Ernest Ng reimagined him as the protagonist of a manga

He wasn’t the only one either!

Others employed the use of pencils and paper to express their gratitude

Others took to photoshop to show how they perceive him

Comedian Dr Jason Leong paid his tribute in the best way

Of course, Dr Hisham had something to say about it all–speaking to Bernama, he stated that Malaysians staying at home and keeping safe would be the best gift of all.

“On the occasion of my birthday tomorrow, April 21, the most special gift for me will be if Malaysians remain staying at home and observe high hygiene standards,” – Datuk Dr Noor Hisham, 20th April 2020

Well? You heard the man–make his birthday the best yet! Stay home and wash your hands.

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