Gift ideas for the cinephile (nope, not popcorn or movie tickets)


By Su Fen Tan

Gift ideas for the cinephile (nope, not popcorn or movie tickets)

Got a friend who is always the first one to catch the latest film releases in the cinema? From collectibles and books in remembrance of classics to home theatre essentials, we’ve rounded up a series of unique gifts that will have your movie-loving friend at the edge of their seat.


Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology

Ever wanted to sip on a Manhattan à la Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot? Take a journey with Hollywood’s greatest characters and their iconic drinks accompanied by original illustrations and easy-to-follow recipes in this ode to cinematic mixology.


Funko Pop! figures


One sure-fire way to appeal to your friend’s love for the cinema is through Funko’s Pop! figurines. You can hardly go wrong with a limited-edition version of their favourite on-screen characters.


Currynoodles posters

Old school is the new cool. We’re pretty sure Potterheads won’t say no to a Fantastic Beasts poster to add to their collection of HP memorabilia. Find more posters of classics from then and now on Currynoodles.


Yasmin I Lup Chew – Limited Shoebox Edition

Yasmin Ahmad will forever have a special place in every local cinephile’s heart. Gift the friend who loves Yasmin’s works this limited edition shoebox, which contains faithful replicas of the beloved filmmaker’s original handwritten notes, scrips, photos, articles, as well as a copy of the regular book edition.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Here’s a fun bucket list made for the film buff. Challenge them to a screening spree of 100 iconic films with this fun scratch off poster, and unveil surprise, movie-related artwork as they go along.


The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki

What better way to appease a Hayao Miyazaki fan than with a collection of the revered Japanese animator’s essential works? This set also includes a booklet for an insight into Miyazaki’s thoughts and intention for each film project.


Sony MP-CL1A Mobile Projector

This nifty mobile projector by Sony will allow you to project your favourite movies and TV shows wirelessly (how convenient!) or via HDMI or MHL, and it is so compact and lightweight you can slip it into your bag or pocket on-the-go too.


Sonos Playbar

Complete your home theatre system with one of the best compact sound systems out there—the Sonos Playbar. With virtual surround sound effects, your at-home movie experience will be elevated to a whole new level with this baby on the deck.


Vintage Popcorn Maker

Once you’ve got your home theatre all set up, all that’s left is to pop on a movie, sit back and enjoy—better still, with some popcorn in hand and a tinge of nostalgia with a vintage maker such as this one. Browse a variety of similar equipment over at this link.



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