10 Bittersweet Twitter reactions to the ending of 'Flower Of Evil'

10 Bittersweet Twitter reactions to the ending of 'Flower Of Evil'

Picture perfect memories

Text: Ronn Tan

Image: tvN

The Korean drama finally concluded after 16 episodes and fans of the show have a lot to say about the ending. Here are some of the most notable tweets to check out

Spoilers ahead

After 16 episodes of laughter, romance, tears, and thrills, Flower Of Evil finally came to a conclusion on 23 September 2020. Starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, the drama garnered one of the most impressive buzz of the year, especially for the leads and little Eun Ha (played by Jung Seo Yeon).

Flower Of Evil has, without a doubt, joined the prime group of excellent Korean dramas in 2020. The list includes shows such as Crash Landing On You, It's Okay To Not Be Okay, and The World of the Married. With that, it's completely normal for viewers to feel all kinds of emotions during and after the finale. These are some of the best reactions on Twitter:











What are your thoughts on Flower Of Evil and its ending? Did the drama live up to your expectations or did you hope for a different conclusion? Either way, it sure seems like the characters of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won have been added to the exclusive list of the best couples of 2020. Bittersweet memories, indeed.

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