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Halloween made hilarious: Reminiscing the top Halloween moments in television

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By Buro247

Halloween made hilarious: Reminiscing the top Halloween moments in television

Halloween television episodes are easily the most entertaining ones we can look forward to each year. Not only do you get to see your favourite characters and actors dressed in the most outrageous of costumes, but it’s also a great way to get inspiration for your next Halloween outfit – if only it was so simple to go all out as they do. Here are ten Halloween moments in television that lighten the mood for the season.

Big Bang Theory

If you’re looking for the most varied set of costumes to grace television, Big Bang Theory is most definitely one of them. Heck, even when it’s not Halloween, the science-loving group would often cosplay for the likes of comic book events and the odd party. The most adorable costumes by far, however, is Howard and Bernadette’s rather apt petite Smurf and Smurfett:

Modern Family

Modern Family goes a long way when it comes to the punch lines surrounding the stereotypes of characters in the comedy series. The typical dimwitted, popular party girl Haley Dunphy (portrayed by Sarah Hyland) takes sexy Halloween costumes to the next level in this gem of an episode;

How I Met Your Mother

We may sometimes lose track of the many love interests and possible “mothers” of Ted Mosby, but it was Katie Holmes’ character Naomi that was among the first to be teased as a possible candidate for this elusive “mother.” Naomi was the catalyst in birthing the unfortunate term “the slutty pumpkin,” in this Halloween episode. But if you aren’t particularly inspired by her costume, take a whiff of Barney’s ultra-American Uncle Sam:


There has only ever been one Halloween episode on Friends, but when pop culture’s most iconic New Yorkers dressed up for the camera, it was well worth it. If you couldn’t decide which costume was the best, between Ross’ “Spudnik” (a potato-Russian satellite) or Chandler’s floppy pink rabbit, no problem – because the two duel it out with a manly arm-wrestling challenge:

One Tree Hill

Leading lady Peyton was the ultimate definition of “cool” for the early 2000s – a confident, beautiful and popular cheerleader with an affinity for emo thoughts, dark grunge tees and a live webcam show. Cue her dark, rockin’ “Angel of Death” costume – signifying her moment of spiralling darkness – which takes a turn for the better as the dark angel meets the glittery era of disco:


Leading lady and forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan had made her mark as the brilliant but socially inept lady-in-charge who often saves the day. Her literal views and dry humour takes an unexpected turn as she shows up for work dressed as an incredibly sexy Wonder Woman:

The Office

Another go-to show for the best possible Halloween costumes you can find on television, The Office spoils us for choice. But it’s the office’s misfit Dwight Scrute who easily wins our hearts over with his choice of costumes which more often than not, borderline the hazardous:


If there’s one thing Gen Y would miss seeing on television, it would be the Scooby Doo gang. The recently popular comedy series Suburgatory brought the gang back to life during this Halloween episode, although, the group isn’t as keen to rescue the damsel in distress as they should be:


In this Halloween special on the crime drama series Castle, Nathan Fillion’s character Richard Castle cheekily makes an all-too-obvious reference to the actor’s other role on the space-western sci-fi drama Firefly where he stars as the lead – a space cowboy – Malcolm Reynolds:


Costumes and playing dress-up have increasingly become a common feat on Community. But long before the series spiralled into a mess of jokes and skits that seem to try a little too hard, there was the quirky, socially defunct Abed’s brilliant embodiment of one of the world’s favourite superheroes, the dark knight:


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