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Five upcoming horror movies we can’t wait to watch

Death, demons and zombies


By Buro247

Five upcoming horror movies we can’t wait to watch

Clearly, most films from the horror genre have been released just in time for this year’s Halloween season. But if you’ve already gorged on all of those, here are five interesting choices that will promise you a thrilling 2016.

Victor Frankenstein

Treated with a Hollywood makeover, the literary classic Frankenstein is retold from the perspective of Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Igor (who, by the way, never appeared in the original novel). In this cinematic tale, the spotlight falls on Igor and his dark past, and how the lab assistant witnesses the young Viktor Von Frankenstein create life in what we know to be “the Monster.” As you can probably guess the terrifying outcome of this dreadful experiment, there’s more to this classic revival than its modern cinematics, that is, seeing James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliff question the right and wrong of “creating life from death.”

Victor Frankenstein opens in Malaysian cinemas 26 November 2015


At first glance Krampus seems to gear us up towards a Christmas comedy, especially with Adam Scott among the line-up of the cast. But the jolly holiday soon turns into a nightmare of sorts, as its name and trailer suggests, as a scorned kid accidentally summons the Christmas demon Krampus to his family home. For those who don’t know, Krampus is the anti-hero of Christmas. The horned anthropomorphic demon punishes children who have misbehaved during the season. With a strange mix of comic moments, eerie Christmas music, and a good number of jump-scare scenes, Krampus will surely make Christmas a little more interesting this year.

Krampus opens in Malaysian cinemas 3 December 2015

The Forest

The Forest has all the ingredients for your typical horror flick: jump scares, a creepy shower scene, decaying bodies, and a haunted forest, to name a few. Starring Game of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer as leading lady Sara, The Forest unleashes hell unto the young American woman, who sets out on her own to scour the infamous Aokigahara Forest in Japan – known as the Suicide Forest – for her lost twin, against all obvious warnings. It’s not difficult to predict what happens after Sara embarks on her search-and-rescue mission in the forest, but it does make us want to know what the heck her twin sister was doing, camping in a place so notoriously associated with death. 

The Forest opens in the US on 8 January 2016

The Boy

Probably the most legitimately scary film in this list, The Boy feeds our ever growing fear of dolls. Starring The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan as Greta, The Boy takes place in an eerie old mansion no human being would ever want to set foot in – but that’s just a perfect backdrop and prop-provider for all your horror-inducing scenes. The best part about The Boy is its main character, a life-size porcelain doll that is treated like a real boy by the parents who hire Greta as his nanny. Naturally, as Greta dismissively breaks each and every rule the parents have set for her, she encounters the terrifying wrath of the porcelain doll.

The Boy opens in the US on 22 January 2016

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This one was too hilarious to not include in this list. Just the notion of the Jane Austen classic mixed with zombies is enough to not take this film as seriously as it seems to take itself. Nevertheless, there seems to be something appealing in watching the Bennet sisters stashing daggers beneath their gowns, and kicking zombie ass (among others) while they’re at it. The result isn’t so much of a terrifying zombie horror flick, but rather another reason for lots of bloodshed and gore at the hands of some dainty late 18th-century ladies.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies opens in the US on 5 Febuary 2016

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