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Five reasons we want to watch Hail, Caesar!

Old Hollywood glamour


By Buro247

Five reasons we want to watch Hail, Caesar!


“It’s the ultimate Coen brothers film!” everyone is saying, in the wake of the duo’s release of the first movie trailer for Hail, Caesar! A comedy-drama infused with gorgeous visuals, nostalgia and a seemingly whacky plot, the film was co-written and directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, who have been hailed for the dark wits of the likes of No Country for Old Man and Burn After Reading, among many others.

With much anticipation of the film’s release, many have begun picking apart the details and clues from the trailer, as are we. Here are five reasons why we can’t wait for its release on 5th February 2016.

The Hollywood glamour of the 1950s

Emulating the elaborate, over-saturated, overzealous and over-decorated movie sets of old Hollywood, the showbiz universe within Hail, Caesar! comes off as almost gaudy and cheesy upon closer inspection. Nevertheless we can’t help but be drawn into the charm of Channing Tatum reinvented into a tap-dancing sailor, Scarlett Johansson as a mermaid, and yes, George Clooney as a Spartan.

The all-star cast

Tatum, Johansson and Clooney aside, the trailer teases with a cast we’re excited to see in those roles – some of whom are regulars in the Coen brothers’ films. Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill and Josh Brolin are among the acting credits.

The references to MGM icons

A.V. Club has pointed out the rather obvious real-world references in Hail, Caesar! Josh Brolin seems to channel legendary film studio executive Eddie Mannix; Scarlett Johansson’s similarity to American swimmer and actress Esther Williams; Channing Tatum channeling the dynamic dancing of Gene Kelly; and Tilda Swinton taking on gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

George Clooney’s dim-witted character gets kidnapped

Presumably, of course, as the trailer leads us to believe. The leading man who gets by with his good looks, we see Clooney in a role less glamorous than we know him for, as a bumbling character. An incident that seems to set off the plot for the film, Brolin’s character – a studio fixer – has to get the missing star back in the midst of the year’s biggest production.

The choreographed sequences

Back to the glamour of 1950s Hollywood complete with its incredible setups, Hail, Caesar! seems to bring back the incredibly large and detailed choreographed sequences that old Hollywood banked on. Arial shots of the studio, cheesy costumes and dancing, and the original definition of “showbiz” come alive in this film.

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