8 Female-empowering Instagram accounts to follow for your daily dose of quotes, memes and more


By Zoe Yang

8 Female-empowering Instagram accounts to follow for your daily dose of quotes, memes and more

International Women’s Day happens once a year but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only day you should celebrate yourself and other women. Uplift yourself on the daily by following these Instagram accounts for the best memes, quotes and inspiring stories:

Jameela Jamil

Most known for her outspoken criticism against celebs who promote detox teas on Instagram, @jameelajamilofficial prides herself as a passionate activist who uses her platform to talk about her personal experience with eating disorders, women’s reproductive rights, feminism, and more.

It’s pretty impossible not to love the star for her authenticity, especially for someone in the Hollywood industry. She is also the founder of  body-positive Instagram account, i_weigh (worth a follow!)

P/S: Don’t miss out on Jamil’s sharing her iconic clapbacks in response to snarky remarks on Instagram.

Female Collective

Founded by Candace Reels, @femalecollective is a platform that aims to celebrate, uplift, support and empower women. It features inspirational quotes on self-love along with useful tips on how to heal after a volatile relationship. Tip: Book lovers, check out the founder’s recommended reading list from time to time!

Girls Who Code

@girlswhocode is the perfect account to follow for funny, motivating and relatable memes that address the stereotypes and challenges that women encounter in the tech world. What we love is seeing many young women charting their own paths to pursue their passion in computer science and software engineering—proving that it  challenge at all to fill the gender gap in this male-dominated industry.

Rupi Kaur

Widely recognised for her bestselling work, Milk and Honey, Indian-born Canadian poet and author @rupikaur_ is one of the most successful Instapoets to date. She posts deeply moving and relatable pieces of her poetry, each paired with illustrations done by Kaur herself.

P/S: While you’re swooning over her poignant poetry, don’t miss out on her understatedly elegant sense of style.

Gurls Talk

@gurlstalk is a platform founded by British model Adwoa Aboah and Holly Gore. Marketing itself as a “safe space free from judgement”, it highlights strong, inspiring women from all walks of life to share and learn one from each other’s personal stories. Expect coverage on meaningful topics along with snazzy illustrations and graphics on self-acceptance and body positivity.


@girlboss is one of the most followed women-empowering accounts on Instagram, raking up to a total of 1.5 million followers to date. It’s the perfect destination to get your daily dose of hilarious and relatable memes, coupled with useful reminders on pushing yourself to achie e your goals.


@makerswomen is a lot like Ted Talks, but solely focused on women empowerment. Find snippets of inspiring speeches and eye-opening interviews as well as motivational quotes from women around the world who are making (and have made) changes—not forgetting, comical memes to get you through the day.

Nikita Gill

UK-based Instapoet and writer, @nikita_gill, uses her platform to break down social construct by tackling subjects that are deemed taboo and “disgusting” in society. Fun fact: her first work was published when she was only 12 years old, after getting rejected by 137 publishers. “I turned the rejections into fuel to better my writing. I can honestly say that all those rejections were excellent for my spirit and my soul,” she said in an interview.

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