#BuroFitMum: Interview with Nor Soraya



By Su Fen Tan

#BuroFitMum: Interview with Nor Soraya

Seeing Soraya’s many awe-inducing yoga practice pictures on Instagram, one might think that she is a full time yoga instructor, but that is not quite the case. While Soraya does conduct classes (see the Buro team take on her Inversions and Arm Balancing class here), she also runs a PR agency and she is a mum too—of course we had to have her on our #BuroFitMum series! Here, watch as the inspiring yogi get comfortable in a headstand, telling us about her yoga practice, personality traits she shares with her daughter, as well as the biggest lesson she has learnt as a mum:

Keep up with Soraya’s yoga journey on Instagram at @norsoraya.


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