#BuroExclusive: Inside Coco Chanel’s apartment

A blast into a beautiful past


By Buro247

#BuroExclusive: Inside Coco Chanel’s apartment

The opportunity to visit Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s apartment on Rue Cambon, Paris, was truly a dream come true for me, having been a long-time fan of both the designer and the brand since I was a young girl of 14. Walking up the famous mirrored staircase was surreal—I felt like I was being taken back in time.


As I walked through the doors of her apartment, I felt a kind of nostalgia, even though it was my first time there. This feeling probably arose from the many movies I’ve watched on Coco Chanel and the numerous books I’ve read on her lifethat made me feel as though the apartment was a part of my past life.


It’s amazing how she mixed different styles like Oriental and Baroque in her apartment. Everything she owned held special meaning or had a connection to her life. Most furniture peices were specially designed either by her or close friends. Mademoiselle Chanel was also very superstitious—she had placed all animal statues in pairs as she believed in balance and equality. There were also many statues of lions as her star sign was Leo. 


Coco Chanel’s apartment is a beautiful curation of things that mirrored her thoughts, ideas and emotions, an inspirational place that I hope to be able to visit again.  

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