#BossGirl: Interview with Watch Over Me app co-founder Chin Xin-Ci

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By Rachel Au

#BossGirl: Interview with Watch Over Me app co-founder Chin Xin-Ci

Sometimes all it takes is an inciting incident to be inspired to create something. For Chin Xin-Ci, an incident caused her to be worried for her personal safety which led to her pondering further about the general state of safety in our country—or everywhere else, for that matter—and thus, Watch Over Me was born. 


It’s an app and it is just as its name suggests. Users register themselves, add specific places so it knows when you’re in a safe area and add contacts so it knows who to call in emergencies. When you’re leaving for somewhere and you need some “watching over”, turn on Watch Over Me for an allocated amount of time. If you don’t “check in” within a certain time period, your emergency contacts will be contacted and the camera, as well as voice recorder, will be activated automatically. It also has a GPS tracking system to allow others to see your location. 


In times like these, Watch Over Me is an amazing app to have on the phone especially because it’s pretty much set up, easy to use and doesn’t literally require a panic button in times of… panic. And it’s made locally. In a span of four to five months after the near abduction, Xin-Ci started working on the app with an app developer. That was in 2012/2013 and now she’s working on another safety app, Walky. It won’t be available in Malaysia but it’s another interesting system that compiles crime data to determine which paths are the safest to walk. As it’s easier to access information in the States, that’s where Walky will be for the moment. We find out more about her field of work in this week’s #BuroBossGirl episode where we took her out for a drive in the BuroBMW (more specifically the BMW 528i M Sport) thanks to BMW Malaysia.


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