#BossGirl: Interview with Entrepreneur Zaida Ibrahim

An impressive busy bee


By Rachel Au

#BossGirl: Interview with Entrepreneur Zaida Ibrahim

If you’ve been impressed with the cold-pressed juice bar in Nu Sentral, which also serves a wide variety of smoothie bowls, do know that it’s the brainchild of Zaida Ibrahim and Amelia Nahar. Being an entrepreneur was a whole new territory for Zaida as her family has never dabbled in owning a business before and she came from a banking background. 

Cai Mei Zaida Ibrahim Buro 247 Malaysia in BMW

We picked her up from work at Nu Sentral in this week’s BuroBMW—the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, thanks to BMW Malaysia—to ask her more about Impressed, which is also currently celebrating their one-year anniversary, her recent proposal and her upcoming projects. Watch the video below to see what else this ambitious #BuroBossGirl has on her plate:


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