7 Best tips to make your marriage harmonious and lasting

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7 Best tips to make your marriage harmonious and lasting

Marriage is bliss. It’s an abode for men and women, a vessel to take the course of the harsh life journey hand in hand. It’s a relationship that many seek and attempt to get there sooner or later. 

However, not every marriage thrives up to its expectations. Faith falters, distance widens, and this beautiful tie tears apart due to some foreseen and unforeseen causes. At the end of the day, even the most advanced couple therapies may fail to rejuvenate a stale relationship.

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Still, if you value your marriage and are willing to put in the effort to save it, there are ways to help revive the bond with your spouse. But before jumping into it, getting a prenuptial agreement could be the best practical decision to make the marriage secure for both partners in advance. Since a prenup only works on the legal part, there’s so much more that a couple can do to fortify their relationship. 

After all, marriage isn’t only about money, possessions, appearances, lust, and having children. It also encapsulates the psychological and moral essence that must be fed with respect and love. A healthy and friendly bond within a marriage can coupes a long way.

Can you attempt to make your marriage that’s still fresh more meaningful, or reverse a comparatively old marriage to the good old days? Yes, you can.  And to help you attain that state, we have seven tips for you below:


1. Communication: Just do it!

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Don’t just hang out with your colleagues and friends. Instead, make time for your spouse when you’re done with your work. Communication is the key to a successful and lasting relationship in any part of the world. You’ve married your partner for a good reason. Thus, know your partner more intimately.  

Don’t fall short of expressing your inner feelings to your partner. And also, don’t refrain from listening to him or her. Your words don’t necessarily need to be special, just your effort to make it special will hit home. And it always does. Even a random funny or romantic text message can do wonders in strengthening and deepening your relationship.   


2. Intimacy matters: Don’t overlook it

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As we’re getting more engrossed in our daily chores at home or office, the physical intimacy among married couples is waning. Not that they’re becoming shy or something, it’s just that they don’t value their partners’ physical attraction like they used to do. Getting close to each other can be tough due to workload, stress, and illness. But it shouldn’t keep you away from your beloved partner for long. 

Sit together, talk, and get close as much as possible. Share your fears, hesitations, and desires respectfully. Most importantly, make time for it!


3. Ask for it: Don’t assume

There’s a presumption we develop over the course of our relationships that our partners know about us inside out. Hence, the expectation bar rises beyond logical senses and falls on its face as quickly when the expectations aren’t met. 

Whether you want your partner to be morally supportive, romantically active, or aware of your small to large necessities, say it. Loud and clear. That’s the simplest yet most effective trick. 

Don’t let your desires for your partner die out due to the lack of words, nor should you blame him or her for being unaware. That’s, in a way, irrational and sometimes irritating too. 


4. Be romantic while working together at home

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No, we’re not tipping you off to miking about cheesy lines all day long. It’s just your gesture, body language, and expressions that should work. In your holidays or casual leaves, set a schedule to help each other in household chores like babysitting, cleaning, doing dishes, cooking, and so on. Work side by side, talk, joke around, or tease each other to have fun in natural ways. Make it like an at-home date.  

Don’t bring out old arguments. Don’t spoil the intensity when it’s warming up nicely. Rather, share your romantic desires, hug, or share kisses to wipe out the grudges. 


5. Postponement isn’t always running away

No matter how much you desire, there will be tension and stress between you and your partner. Yes, romantic couples can’t live without arguments or differences of opinion. That’s that. 

But as a married couple, you should take things sensibly. Whether you’re a newly married couple or veterans in this courtship, don’t let the seemingly tense talks go overboard. To settle the argument, both of you should agree to set a good time later and talk this out in a civil manner. Remember, it’s not about winning over your partner, but rather how sensibly you can get away with the issue at hand. 


6. Fights should be fathomed deeply

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What we mean here is that you must capitalise on any hurt feelings you share with your partner due to arguments or fights. On many occasions, some harsh words or frustrations or sad expressions of your partner can tell you more than their face value.

There might be some guilt, emptiness, or deep misery lying down in your partner’s heart, hence the rogue expressions. But if you are kind enough, you can skimp past that and try to understand what’s bothering him or her insidiously. Be persistent in finding out the problem, so both of you can work on it to resolve it as quickly as possible.


7. Say the magic word: ‘Sorry’

Saying sorry to your partner counts big time. Avoiding it may create distance while losing respect in your partner’s eyes. So, let not your ego chew on your head, preventing you from apologising when it means the most. 

Your human instinct and random nature often compel you to make mistakes, even in your relationship. Regardless, you must seek forgiveness from your partner immediately or when you see fit. Don’t let the devil justify your mistake. Just say you’re sorry, make up, and move on. 

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As we’re parting with our final segment of this article, we bid you good luck with your relationship with your partner. Remember, you can take the gist of our tips to make it workable for your marriage. 

Be confident about your wit to make it work in your own way. You know your honey, we don’t. So, we can’t accurately hit the spots. It’s you who must make some effort in understanding your partner while applying these tips relevantly. 

So, go on—make your marriage special. 


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