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Video: the beautiful process of how ink is made

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By Buro247

Video: the beautiful process of how ink is made

Ink makes the world go round; it’s everywhere, yet it’s one of those things that aren’t quite given a second thought. Imagine flipping through a magazine and seeing the most beautiful, luring fashion spread you’ve ever seen – a talented photographer, art director and stylist may have made that come alive digitally or conceptually, but ultimately it’s ink that has allowed you admire this thing of beauty in your very own hands. 

Ink is an understated medium, yet it breathes so much life into our modern-day ways. And it all starts out from a mix of raw powder and varnish, long before it’s packaged into cartridges and hidden from view, wedged inside your printers. And another essential ingredient to its birth, as The Printing Ink Company puts it, is “passion.” 

This video below, presented by president and head inkmaker (there is such a thing!) of The Printing Ink Company, Peter Welfare, takes us deep into the workings of how ink is made. Not exactly an easy task, the creation and production of ink has to take into account many factors, from breaking down pigment particles, to ensuring the consistent quality of the ink that ends up in your printers.

Find out more about this beautiful process in the video below: 

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