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This artist turns paper into surreal three-dimensional sculptures

Paper cuts


By Buro247

This artist turns paper into surreal three-dimensional sculptures

Paper is no easy material to work with. An easily destructible material that often serves as the canvas or base of any artwork, paper art – especially those that go heavy on the intricacies and material manipulation – often comes off as incredibly delicate. But Georgia Russell’s version is a little more commanding of attention. Using paper on which images have been printed, Russell’s unique artwork has been giving new artistic life to paper.

Russell is no stranger to the world of art. Internationally renowned for her unique techniques of cutting and transforming any printed material, Russell’s works have often explored the boundaries between object and image. It is here that she modifies the surface of these materials, transforming them by altering and removing some of its original aspects. Russell uses a scalpel to evolve two-dimensional images, created with flowing and repetitive cuttings.

These beautiful images, recently shared by Juxtapoz, remind us of the infinite possibilities of expanding and evolving the familiar. Russell’s intricate work not only displays remarkable technique, but also creates a sense of movement, as if the printed image is coming alive. In a way the material is deconstructed and brought to life through the clever use of illusion and imagination.

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