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The crystal artist who puts a magical touch on everyday subjects


By Su Fen Tan

The crystal artist who puts a magical touch on everyday subjects

It’s human nature to be drawn to shiny things. Just look at Sara Shakeel’s Instagram feed—it is filled with the most fantastical collages of images sprinkled with diamonds. It’s almost like the Pakistani dentist-turned-artist dreamt up an alternate reality, where everyday objects and world-famous sites are dusted in crystals and tears of glitter flow from us. Colour us captivated.



“Crystals and diamonds are my mediums of looking through this world!” Shakeel told Forbes in an interview. “Bright, shiny, valuable and something to be taken care of, you must have noticed how I add crystals and diamonds to the most ordinary objects of everyday life. For example, while junk food is one of my favourite things, I have to control myself, so once in a while when I eat a burger or fries, I see them as being holy, shining and ready to be savoured.”



Of course, we aren’t the only ones attracted to Shakeel’s whimsical form of art. Since garnering an avid following on Instagram, she has worked with the likes of Emirates, Swarovski and Bally, but it was one of the artist’s personal projects that really caught our eyes—one that highlighted the beauty of stretch marks. Instead of airbrushing stretch marks, which are so typically seen as flaws, she chose to make something beautiful out of it by covering them in glitter, turning the stigma on its head.



See more of Sara Shakeel’s work and follow her on Instagram at @sarashakeel

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