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Take a break from reality with Refik Anadol’s illusory room

The illusionist


By Buro247

Take a break from reality with Refik Anadol’s illusory room

Optical illusions are always an eye-catching factor when it comes to art, constantly challenging our brains’ natural processes by playing with the simple habits of perception. If the internet hasn’t blessed you with enough three – or four, or five – legged elephants, perhaps Turkish artist Refik Anadol will take your minds to the next level, by immersing you in a room filled with dazzling, hypnotic light projections.

Titled ‘Infinity,’ Anadol creates a truly immersive psychedellic experience with the use of light projections made to immerse and alter the state of consciousness. A project that is part of the media artist’s ongoing ‘Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments’ series, Anadol uses audio and visual installations that transform an immersants awareness of physical self.

‘Infinity,’ in particular, stems from a three-dimensional kinetic and architectonic projection that creates the perception of a non-existing physical world. Sounds trippy, doesn’t it? As you can see in the video below, these mind-altering illusory projections result in an otherworldly, almost incomprehensible experience, creating a sort of escape from one’s habitual way of perceiving an environment.  

As part of Artnivo’s ’40 Meters 4 Walls 8 Cubes’ exhibition, ‘Infinity’ takes place at the 14th Instanbul Biennial until 1 November.  

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