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Nikon’s Small World 2015 photomicrography competition takes us into the miniscule universe

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By Buro247

Nikon’s Small World 2015 photomicrography competition takes us into the miniscule universe

Since it began its run in 1975, Nikon’s Small World photomicrography competition has highlighted a universe that many of us aren’t aware of. More recently, however – perhaps with more advanced technology – we’ve been able to get more colourful glimpses into the little things that make up life as we know it. It is here that science and art intertwine beautifully, with an array of abstract, spectacular images.

Here are the top five photos from the 2015 photomicrography competition:

5th Place: Dr Giorgio Seano and Dr Rakesh J. Jain

This live imaging of a mouse brain’s perfused vasculature resembles an eerie, graphic illustration you might fine in a horror graphic novel of some sort. It’s understandable why, of course, as the image also reveals a somewhat painfully horrific brain tumor.

4th Place: Daniel H. Miller & Ethan S. Sokol

Psychedellic and whimsical, this organic mesh of weaves and neon beads would unexpectedly turn out to be a lab-grown human mammary gland organoid.

3rd Place: Dr Igot Siwanowicz

Another striking image that looks like it may have been digitally painted by an artist of psychedellic sorts, this is actually a freshwater carnivorous plant called the humped (or floating) bladderwort.

2nd Place: Kristen Earle, Gabriel Billings, KC Huang and Justin Sonnenburg

Who knew a mouse colon colonised with human microbiota could look so amazing?

1st Place: Ralph Clause Grimm

The winner of the competition, Grimm takes a close-up look at the eye of a honey bee, covered in dandelion pollen. A self-taught photomicrographer and former beekeeper, Grimm hopes this image highlights the dropping bee populations which play a pivotal role in pollinating crops around the world.

Head here to see the whole collection of spectacular photographs and images.

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