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The Mariposa sofa is couple’s therapy done right

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By Gwen Ong

The Mariposa sofa is couple’s therapy done right

Few things in life can beat the feeling of deep, meaningful conversations with a person whom you hold dear. As they say, it’s the little things that matter. For nights when you’re up for a movie marathon or simply just exchanging thoughts with your partner, the Mariposa Love Seat will set the right backdrop.


With its spacious comforting feature, the Mariposa’s soft upholstery wraps the sitter in blissful pleasure as you enjoy each other’s company. 

The sofa can be adjusted to tilt the side and backrest mechanisms for various sitting or reclining positions. So you can go from an upright stance to an outward angle and back again. This flexibility of yielding arm and backrests brings to mind “mariposa” which is Spanish for butterfly.


The Mariposa Love Seat can be enjoyed by one or, as the name suggests, two lovebirds. So you know, you can carry a conversation (or confrontation?) face to face without compromising on space. But if things do get heated, just kick him out and hog the sofa to yourself.


The Mariposa is available from Xtra Furniture Malaysia


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