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Where you can find sustainable homeware by local makers

Made in Malaysia


By Su Fen Tan

Where you can find sustainable homeware by local makers

Harith Green Carpenter

Founded by seasoned woodworker Harith Ridzuan, Harith Green Carpenter Is where you’ll find furniture made from upcycled wood and other reclaimed materials such as metal – beautiful (and functional) responses to the problems of deforestation and increasing levels of construction waste.

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Get in touch with Harith Green Carpenter (details on the website) if you’re looking to kit your home or office with custom-made furniture.


B.O Design

B.O Design is an interior and furniture design studio run by Lim Bo Qiang, an award-winning designer – his Muk Sofa took the top prize in the 2016 Furniture Design Competition. He designs with purpose and sustainability in mind, and his creations often showcase a tasteful blend of rustic and modern aesthetics.

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Email Bo at [email protected] for queries. 

Biji-Biji Initiative

A social enterprise that champions sustainable living, all of Biji-Biji Initiative’s products are made using at least 45% recycled materials. Browsing through their web catalogue, you’ll see products rated with Biji scores – their scoring mechanism that measures the environmental, economic and social impact of each product.

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Shop for Biji-Biji Initiative furniture online here.



With the motto “less is more” in mind, Twizs is inspired by minimalism and green solutions. They design and produce apparel and homeware through careful selection of material, manufacturing processes and packaging – all of which should be functional and considerate to the environment.

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Stockists: Koncent, Entrepot and Ilaika. Follow Twizs on Facebook to find out where their next pop-up might take place. 


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