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#InstaLove: When Pantone and food meet…

Culinary shades


By Gwen Ong

#InstaLove: When Pantone and food meet…


If you ever thought that certain hues reminded you of some of your favourite meals on the table, then you might want to check out the #pantoneposts project. Lucia Litman has a visual feast that is a delight to be discovered. Be warned, you might just feel really famish after this.

The San Franciso-based photographer and food stylist has a wonderful way of playing up Pantone swatches by matching the colourful tones with food of the same hue. Lucia’s #pantoneposts project started when she visited the farmer’s market and was inspired by the myriad of colourful, edible contrasts at play. Her Pantone-food swatches then became her outlet to unwind from the stresses of work and to celebrate the beauty of foods.

“Food has always been what’s inspired me most in my life,” Lucia explained in an interview on Civil Eats. “My grandparents grew up in farming families, and my favourite memories growing up are planting and harvesting vegetabes in their backyard. I was always amazed by nature and the idea that a tiny seed could produce such bountiful and vibrant food…the colours and variety continue to amaze me.”

Feast your eyes on her food-fuelled posts below:

1) Pink things



2) Pocky attack



3) Macaron drops



4) Summer pops



5) Moshi moshi



6) Blooming heirlooms



7) Shrooms crazy



8) Eye s(pie)



9) Pasta mania



10) Buttery flakes



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