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Illusion: A mind-bending exhibition

Sensory deception


By Buro247

Illusion: A mind-bending exhibition

Developed by an award-winning international initiative at Trinity College Dublin, Illusion mixes together science and art to showcase a series of optical illusions that mystify rational thinking. Marking its first instalment in Asia, Illusion will be at the Discovery Centre at Suria KLCC, and will feature select artworks such as Jonty Hurwitz’s The Hurwitz Singularity and Nye Parry’s Significant Birds. With installations aptly designed to trick the senses into cultivating contemplations, the concoction of artworks explores the profound concept of ‘Appearance vs. Reality’. The exhibition runs from Mid-August till December 2015, inviting visitors to observe, question and reflect on their existing perceptions of the world as they first-handedly experience the mirages of magicians.

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