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Ikea drops exclusive collection just for your cats and dogs

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By Gwen Ong

Ikea drops exclusive collection just for your cats and dogs


With the same clean lines and pleasant aesthetics, Ikea’s latest furniture collection made especially for our four-legged friends is proving to be a hit among pet lovers. Lurvig was developed by Ikea’s designer in consultation with trained veterinarians to make sure it is as friendly as it can be for your dogs and cats.

On the same note, the Lurvig range also takes into account an animal’s natural needs and behaviours including how they sleep, eat and play. For example, cats love small places to curl up in while dogs enjoy open areas. Hence, in the new collection there are several hidden spots among side tables for cats while for dogs, the open beds and cushions are catered to their needs.


What’s interesting from Lurvig is the pet cushion that owners can fill it up with old clothes, blankets or towels, so your dog or cat can get comfy with some familiar smells. No more separation anxiety, perhaps?

You can also find other cool offerings in the new collection including scratching mats, slow-feed bowls and even scaled-down mini Klippan sofa that is based off the human collection. There’s also a travel basket, reflective leads and collars as well as poo bags and litter tray shovel.


The Lurvig collection is currently available in five countries – Japan, France, Canada, US and Portugal – with more countries to follow next. Reportedly as soon as March 2018. You can start making a wishlist with the full catalogue here.


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