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Collages of architectural beauty

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By Buro247

Collages of architectural beauty

Genius Loci, which refers to the “protective spirit of a place” or a “location’s distinctive atmosphere,” is the brainchild of Swedish artist Anastasia Savinova. Graduating from Samara State Architectural University, Anastasia was inspired to start this project during her first overseas trip, where she had ventured around the town gathering pictures and creating sketches that she had brought back with her. With these pictures and the impression that the town had left her, she had decided to create a collage with them that would eventually become the first piece to her Genius Loci collection.

Taking ideas from what Anastasia describes as the “feeling of the Place,” we definitely get to see a more insightful depth of the places that she chooses to depict through her artwork. She creates a sense of township through the collages that resemble single buildings, capturing the essence of what the locals feel about their towns. 

Anastasia’s collages are a preservation of the peculiarities of the places that she visits, the little bits and pieces that make it different from the next. She even states to LandEscape that Genius Loci could become a life-long project for her. 


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To see more of the Genius Loci series and Anastasia’s works, you can visit her website

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