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Body art comes alive in Oskar & Gaspar’s video mapping projections

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By Buro247

Body art comes alive in Oskar & Gaspar’s video mapping projections

Having hosted the world’s first live tattoo video mapping event in Lisbon, Portugal, Oskar & Gaspar have seemingly created a new dimension to body and multimedia art. Renowned for their expertise in video, television and multimedia, the collective has taken the innovation of video mapping by the reins with a stunning live presentation that animates tattoos on an array of inked models.

Created with video projections and executed without any post-production involved, the video mapping spawns from various styles of tattoos, causing them to grow, move and transform on the skin, moving from the body to the walls surrounding them. 

And as if Maori tattoos melting off the model’s leg isn’t cool enough, there are black-and-white tattoos which suddenly have colour seeping into them, giving them life and creating eerie movements and facial expressions. While a mandala bursts into neon coral on the skin, spinning into different patterns, an animated snake slithers up a guy’s neck and a paper crane flies off a lady’s bicep.

An incredibly captivating and creative innovation that pushes the boundaries of multimedia art and projection mapping, check out the video below.

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