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Art for the animal lover

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By Buro247

Art for the animal lover

If only we could take selfies like this. In her latest series of self-portraits, art photographer Flora Borsi shares her portraits with animals. But you can easily see that it’s not your typical portrait with pets. Borsi’s series, called Animeyed, seamlessly combines herself with animals, transforming herself to mimic their appearances and personas.


Armed with a knack for photo manipulation, Borsi often produces images of the surreal kind, mostly focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. “The editor software is just a tool to complete my pictures,” Borsi explains in her website. “I want to make an image, which looks like a real, unedited photo. I would like to shock people or make them smile with some society critics. My goal is to inspire to viewer to think, to feel what I felt.”

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See more of Borsi’s surreal work here.



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