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6 Interesting art exhibitions and plays you need to see in KL this November 2019


By Zoe Yang

6 Interesting art exhibitions and plays you need to see in KL this November 2019

1 – 30 November, iNYALA @ REXKL

iNYALA is Malaysia’s first interactive light art exhibition that showcases an immersive world of digital playground where viewers can walk through and experience the installations through audio and visuals. With both students’ and industry experts’ integration of art and technology in their creative installation works, the exhibition aims to introduce the potential of digital art to a wider audience. This is perfect if you’re both a science and an art geek yourself; you can visit the exhibition and nerd out here!

Admission is free. For more information, visit here.

5 – 6 November | 12 – 13 November, Sepet: The Musical @ Bobo KL

If you’ve seen legendary filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s timeless Malaysian film, Sepet (2005), 14 years ago, you can relive the experience again in this age and time! Fortunately for you, Liver and Lung Productions has heard many theatre lovers’ cries to bring the show back for a second time after tickets were sold out for their first performance. It is awe-inspiring that a simple yet fresh storyline in a film from many years ago, can still touch many of our hearts and remain relevant to this day (what a national treasure to the Malaysian film industry!). The storyline remains faithful to the original narrative, where a Chinese boy, Jason, falls in love with a Malay girl, Orked. Despite their innocent teenage love for one another, both face social and racial pressures from society, thus putting a strain on their relationship. While this stage adaptation pays homage to Ahmad’s genius story, it also includes Malaysian music and lyrics! Now that they’re making a second comeback, make sure you grab the tickets before they get sold out again!

Ticket price is RM80. For more information, visit here.

7 November – 10 November, David Glass’ Tempest @ DPAC, Black Box

This stage adaptation is a re-imagined version of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. While Glass does his own take on the story, it also remains true to the positive themes and ideas in the original storyhope, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, redemption, and love. Set in a post-human world, Prospero is an alchemist and a shaman who lives with his daughter, Miranda, on the destroyed Earth. Due to her naive character, she thinks that the only inhabitants are her father and two island creatures, Caliban and Ariel. Until, she encounters other human beings. The nature of this story allows Glass to create a visual, physical and musical experience for the audience.

Ticket price is RM55. For more information, visit here.

9 November – 30 November, Kintsugi Photo Exhibition @ Club Kyō KL

Club Kyō is hosting its second curated photography exhibition with a panel discussion to dive deep into the topic of embracing one’s flaws. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending pottery cracks with gold. Metaphorically, this practice considers imperfections and flaws as a way to allow the pottery to become stronger, whilst still remaining unique and beautiful. In other words, it means that one can still accept his or her own brokenness, and become stronger, even during their toughest times. Photographer Daniel Adams invited four other young Malaysian artists, Annatasha Saifol, Catherhea Teoh, John Kam, and Dear Nessy, to talk about social stigmas and societal standards. Through five photographers’ unique narratives and points of views, viewers can gain insights as to how these expressive photographers use their narrative styles and platforms to convey one message—to love one’s differences, flaws and imperfections. If you would like to join the one-day panel discussion, you can register here.

Admission is free. For more information, visit here.

14 – 17 November | 21 – 24 November, Frankenstein 2039 @ GMBB, KL

Frankenstein 2039 is a musical adaptation of Mary Shelley‘s 201-year-old gothic horror novel, Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus. Inspired by the author’s tale on science and morality, the storyline revolves around a loyal Facebook employee, Victor Frankenstein, fired from his job for breaching user data. Set in a world where President Donald Trump is serving his sixth term as president, huge tech corporation Amazon has purchased Greenland, and gun ownership is mandatory for all US citizens; the character decides to conduct an unusual technological experiment to create the perfect humanoid. It’s a must-see production if you’re into science fiction and brain-stimulating storylines! Also, instead of just sitting down for two or more hours to watch a play, this is an engaging experience where audiences get to have their say in the story (well, to some extent). Audiences will be using a web-app to participate and send in their comments that will be broadcasted live; the narrative’s next courses of actions will depend on the audiences’ votes. Ultimately, it focuses on humanity in the world’s present climate. Participate and see if good triumphs over evil in this play.

Ticket price is at RM70. For more information, visit here.

21 November – 24 November, Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) @ klpac

Kuala Lumpur City Opera is organising a two-acts opera, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with German composer, Emanuel Schikaneder who composed the libretto for the piece. The theatrical opera performance tells the story of an evil and mysterious lady, Queen of the Night who tries to use her power to destroy a high priest, Sarastro. A young prince, Tamino is accompanied by his sidekick, Papageno, to go on a quest. Tamino also has to face a series of tests in order to marry Princess Pamina. As Tamino follows Sarastro’s footsteps in search of wisdom to gain the power of reason, the four of them (Sarastro, Tamino, Pamina, and Papageno) fight against Princess Pamina’s mother, the Queen of the Night.

Ticket price starts at RM128. For more information, visit here.

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