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Art attack: This digital frame lets you play gallery curator at home

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By Gwen Ong

Art attack: This digital frame lets you play gallery curator at home


In the world of interior designing, the wall is an important feature that helps frame a room. How you decorate it – from the colours to the ornaments – will add character to an otherwise plain background. The Meural Canvas is one element that you would want to consider as a decor in your favourite room. The digital photo frame lets you show off your art collection or gallery of personal images with finesse.

Many a times, it’s been argued that art is subjective but perhaps, now the argument will cease with Meural. This digital photo frame allows you to customise and curate your collection with static images or animated artwork to the du jour of the day. Anything from classic paintings to photographs, contemporary art, graffiti and cinemagraphs can be rotated on Meural. It comes with motion sensors, so you can swipe up, down, left or right to navigate between each art piece. This could be your chance to play the role of an art curator.




There are two versions available—the 1.5-inch natural walnut frame called Winslow Canvas or the smaller black or white framed Leonora Canvas. These models operate on 8GB of memory with 4GB dedicated to your personal gallery and 4GB for storing firmware and software updates. While no speakers are available, you do have the option of displaying an assortment of videos too, like that cute puppy video you’ve been playing on loop on your phone.

With just a swipe of the hand, you can change up the artwork to suit the mood or occasion. The matte screen and environmentally aware adaptive brightness system will take care of the viewing angle and colour accuracy intelligently. Whoever says art gallery is boring obviously haven’t been to your home yet!


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