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These are the designers behind your favourite aesthetic cafes in KL

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By Genie Leong

These are the designers behind your favourite aesthetic cafes in KL

Cafe culture in the Klang Valley has never been greater than it is today, with many of the best cafes in the Klang Valley having not only great food and drinks but aesthetically pleasing interiors too—because who doesn’t love a pretty background for the much-needed update across socials. While many feature stunning and cosy designs, some so much to the point where half their allure comes from the Instagramable layout, we wonder about the process that went into creating these aesthetic spaces and more specifically, who is behind them.

Curious to know which creative genius is behind the decor of your go-to coffee spots and foodie destinations—and which of these share the same designer? Keep scrolling to know more about six local design studios and the spaces they’ve created:


1) CocoKacang

Behind the likes of the Instagram-famous layouts of Three Years Old in Bukit Bintang, V88 Bar and Cafe in Desa Park City, and most recently, Fung Wong Biscuits in Petaling Street is CocoKacang, headed by interior designer and architect Amy Liang. The studio’s debut cafe project, Breakfast Thieves in Bangsar, has been a mainstay within the brunch-going community of KL for delicious bites and coffee served in a comfy, sunlit space.

Over the last few years, CocoKacang has cut an impressive portfolio, with many of the studio’s most notable previous projects featuring pale wood details, light neutral and occasionally pastel colour palettes, and serene foliage inclusions—all the necessary elements for an aesthetically pleasing cafe that offers tasty food and beverage selections, as well as the perfect backdrop for your next post on the gram.

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2) Pow Ideas

Saw some beautiful landscaping or lighting details at your favourite cafe? There’s a chance that the design collective Pow Ideas are the masterminds behind it. Founded by Melbourne-and-London-trained designers Kyle E and Jun Ong, Pow Ideas displays meticulous use and choice of materials, often mixing more natural elements such as rattan, greenery, and various varieties of wood with more modern and industrial components like unique light fixtures and steel detailing—just take a look at Merchant’s Lane, Table and Apron, and Wolf and Turtle!

Additionally, Pow Ideas has contributed to the vibe of multiple other restaurants, bars, and event spaces around the city, with Kaiju, The Swimming Club, and Proof Pizza + Wine being some of the most well-known names. It seems that no matter the type of space the studio works on, they definitely do their name justice and come in with a ‘pow’.