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A beautiful bomb: Design Village Penang under attack

Colour explosion


By Buro247

A beautiful bomb: Design Village Penang under attack

Magda Sayeg is considered to be the mother of yarn bombing. Her art has beautified the streets of Mexico City, New York and London, and she has been featured in numerous art exhibits all over the world. 


Magda has begun her craft of brightening up the humble city of Penang with her yarn bombs on 1 August and she will complete her exhibition on 14 August. We ask Magda about her inspirations and what to else we can expect from her. 


  1. What inspires your art? 

Inspiration to me comes from everything and everyday. It could be the art my kids create or the lipstick colour my mum uses, as I am drawn to colour.


  1. If you could describe your work in 3 words, what would they be? 

Pattern, colour, explosion.


  1. Out of all your projects, which has been your favourite and why? 

Choosing a favourite project is like picking a favourite child. There is quality in every single piece of work done. However, the bus in Mexico City has a place in my heart as it springboarded my career. This was the first object done on a large scale and the world started looking at it from then on. 


  1. In light of your upcoming collaboration with Design Village, what do you think Penang has to offer to the world of art? 

Penang speaks to me in pattern and colours. They may clash and yet coexist harmoniuosly. I feel connected to Penang and the aspiring work, which is rich in colour and soul. I cannot thank Design Village enough as they have given me this opportunity to connect with young, aspiring talents and to provide them a platform to nurture their creativity in their own life.


  1. Why have you chosen to use yarn amongst such a wide array of fibres and fabrics? What is about yarn that compels you? 

I feel yarn is the unsung hero. It is the tool for weaving that extends to making materials and clothing that keep us warm. We don’t celebrate enough of this craft associated to women as ‘women knit for love’. Mothers for their kids, grandmothers for their grandchildren and everyone they love.


  1. You’ve covered vehicles, trees, statues and bodies in bright coloured yarn, can you think of any other medium you would like to ‘yarn bomb’?

An aeroplane!


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