9 Malaysian photographers to follow on Instagram

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9 Malaysian photographers to follow on Instagram

If it isn’t artists that beautify your Instagram feed, it’s probably someone who’s a photographer who makes your Instagram feed scroll-worthy, amid thousands of cluttering photos. Well, here are nine photographers on Instagram who take a different perspective on everyday life, altogether simplifying and giving spectacular viewpoints on it.



Fareez Siva @fareezsiva

Minimalist yet focused, with blocks of colour, Fareez’s photos bring about a sense of serenity in everyday life, taking a different perspective on your typical café visit, or a simple stroll in the streets.



Han Lim Yee @_hanlim

Another minimalist approach to the world, Han Lim’s images simplify everyday life and travel wanderlust for you.



Ian Teh @iantehphotography

Photographer Ian Teh travels the road less taken, shining the spotlight on cultures, including socio-political and environmental landscapes, which we hardly get to see. His Instagram account is often an extension of his travels and photo series. 



Jeremy Teo @jeremyteo83

At a glance, it looks as if Jeremy Teo of @thespacemen travels a lot. But upon closer inspection, it turns out plenty of his stunning images were taken right in our homeland.



Jon Teo @jonteo

Jon Teo paints a vibrant picture of Malaysia and the region. Our colourful nation seems to jump to life in his photos, whether it is panoramic shots of cityscapes, sprawling landscapes, or the energy of its people.



Mohd Hazizi @mhtaro

Another photographer to follow for the wanderlust, Mohd Hazizi’s images are simple and straightforward in aesthetic, muted with filters for a calming sort of effect.



Syazwan A. @syzwnasyrf

Natural hues take over Syazwan’s Instagram feed, be it portraits of people, interior and architectural shots, or stunning landscapes that are made of dreams.



Trisha Toh @trishates

Foodies and travellers will probably love Trisha Toh’s feed. The photographer chronicles interesting perspectives on her travels and daily life, many of which involve grub that looks so good; you wish you could grab right from the pictures.



Zaidy Ramly @zdy.rmly

Kuala Lumpur becomes an energetic playground for Zaidy Ramly’s lens. Not only do you get a pinch of the city’s street subculture, Zaidy takes some pretty stunning aerial shots from the tops of buildings, bridges and the like. 



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