9 Malaysian artists to follow on Instagram

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By Buro247

9 Malaysian artists to follow on Instagram

I can never say this enough: Malaysia has an incredible amount of talent when it comes to the arts, be it music, film, design, or fine art. I mean, just look at this! Yet there just doesn’t ever seem to be enough support for our local talents.


So since the most visual thing we encounter on a daily basis is social media, we’re delivering amazing artworks right to your palms. Here are nine local artists, who create using fine art mediums, to brighten up your Instagram feed:



Nina @piquedandpensive

Illustrator and graphic designer Nina has a feed filled with gorgeous, feminine sketches that range from hand-drawn figures, to wispy watercolour paintings.



Fikri Afif @fikriafif

We’re simply crazy about Fikri Afif’s fashion illustrations, ranging from couture gowns to bespoke menswear. Architectural illustrations and landscape drawings are also a feat to look forward to, as well as sketches of celebrities and fashion models.


Shany Ahmed @tiggmanje

Escape from reality with Shany Ahmed’s intricate fantasy paintings. Shany’s work is both vibrant and highly detailed.



Haris Rashid @harisrashid

Another feed filled with vibrant artworks, Haris Rashid’s feed is filled with psychedelic takes on animals and other random yet interesting feats.



Dribblack @dribblack

Dribblack offers hyper-realistic drawings at its best. The artist’s feed is filled with highly detailed drawings of pretty much everything – from architecture to the human anatomy, to comic book characters and nature. His abstract take on these subjects are also rather stunning and vibrant.



Ajim @ajim_juxta

If you’ve got a dark mind, you’re going to really appreciate Ajim’s feed, which is filled with sprawling sketches that combine architectural elements with organic anatomies. The result is a collection of eerie yet wholesome images.



The Sliz @thesliz

The Sliz has made his rounds as a graffiti artist, but his Instagram feed also offers a mix of quirky illustrations, sketches and paintings with an ever-evolving style.



Cloakwork @cloakwork

You may have seen the likes of Cloakwork’s “signature” tagged along the streets of Kuala Lumpur and more, but this graffiti artist’s feed offers a lot more than that. Cloakwork’s pieces often take on characters, adorned with vibrant colours and personalities.   



Kupeh Rodriguez @kupeh_rod

Kupeh’s artwork is both comical and vibrant, like something you’d see in a vintage comic magazine. His sketches are altogether fun, twisted and a little mind-bending. 



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