5 Inspiring TED Talks every #BossGirl should watch

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By Gwen Ong

5 Inspiring TED Talks every #BossGirl should watch

The common stereotype casting about women is that we talk a lot. Well, since we’re given this gift, it’s only apt that we own it while putting it to good use to inspire others with the words we speak. TED Talks, for example, have become an avenue of discussion that many female leaders have used as a means to motivate, provoke and encourage. As a tribute to all the ladies in the world today, we’ve curated a selection of TED Talks that touches on solidarity, leadership, success and women in the workplace for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy an evening’s worth of inspiration below:


Why we have too few women leaders – Sheryl Sandberg

This #BossGirl holds the position of COO of Facebook and she would know a thing or two about female representation at the top. In this talk, which has been viewed over a million times, she questions why we’re underrepresented and why we are socially conditioned to lower our expectations. If you aim to rise to the top, listen as she offers three powerful advices.


The power of introverts  Susan Cain

Look, we’re not all born to be gregarious leaders and we don’t share the same qualities. Author Susan Cain explains the quiet disposition of the introverted leader and the unique skills that he or she can bring to the society. Perhaps, we should look at raising the next generation of quietly confident children.


Can we all “have it all”?  Anne-Marie Slaughter

It’s the ubiquitous question that women are asked time and again  can we have work/life balance? Anne-Marie is an international lawyer and a public policy expert, she draws on her personal experience working in the US government to narrate a story about the struggles of a career woman.


Your body language shapes who you are  Amy Cuddy

Did your momma use to tell you to sit upright? Well, she might have something going on there. Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy shares why the way we talk, sit and move can have an impact on other people’s perception of us. Pay attention to your non-verbal expression and you can learn how to carry yourself positively.


How to make stress your friend  Kelly McGonigal

Stress has become a common fixture in our life. But research is showing that stress may only be bad for us if we believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal has an intervention or two, she’s asking us to use stress as a way to prepare our body and mind to meet the challenges of daily life.


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