5 Food trends to watch out for in 2017

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5 Food trends to watch out for in 2017

Food trends now seem to be such an entrenched—albeit ever-changing—feature of the gastronomic landscape that, with 2017 poking its head around the corner, I’ve received countless exhortations from readers to once again forecast what I reckon is going to be de rigueur in the new year. Ergo, to ensure that my dear readers stay respectably au courant and not make the fatal error of digging into food that’s oh-so-last-year, herewith my list of predicted hot ticket culinary items to watch out for:


1. Turmeric is big and poised to get even bigger, and I don’t mean merely as an irritating addition to your morning brew. Together with a plethora of drinking vinegars, hot (again) ingredients like holy basil and apple cider vinegar, turmeric tonics and elixirs are going to ensure that consumer use of plastic doesn’t subside anytime soon. My suggestion? Eschew the commercial bottled drinks and make your own healthier, environmentally more sound, and substantially cheaper turmeric tonics. Next time you boil water for tea, grate or smash some fresh turmeric and add it, together with lemon juice and good Manuka honey to your drink for a beverage that is as nourishing as it is delicious.

food trends 2017 - turmeric

2. Mr. coconut has been enjoying his starring role as the food trend that continues to compel, and 2017 will see him extending his lead, with a gamut of coconut-based products that are all set to storm the stage. Expect to find everything coconut from coconut sugar aminos, coconut spreads, and coconut chips, to coconut caramels and the comparatively more pedestrian toasted coconut chips. In the spirit of belt tightening in anticipation of leaner, more impecunious, times, skip these expensive products and continue to buy your coconuts from the local coconut man. Once you’ve drunk the juice, scrape out the flesh and incorporate it into your morning smoothie, and voila, you’re in good shape for the rest of the day without having spent a single cent more than you had to.


3. Somewhere in heaven, I am certain the Purple One will be beaming from sideburn to sideburn when he sees the impending celebration of all foods purple. Purple corn chips, purple potato chips, and purple cauliflower and asparagus will be just some of the purple-hued foods that will make our lives more colourful, and I’d like to think that, in some little way, this food trend is our way of saying thank you to Prince for his incomparable musical legacy.

food trends - purple food

4. Long hidden in mother’s pantry as a dirty little secret, ghee is coming, nay, exploding out of the closet in a way that Tom Cruise never could. With the conventional wisdom du jour asserting that ghee reduces cholesterol and the attendant risk of cardiovascular diseases, and is moreover superior to the vegetable oils by which it was ironically originally sidelined, ghee’s newly bestowed super food status means that you’ll soon be inundated by everything from organic to artisanal ghee.


5. And with gluten phobia showing no signs of abating anytime soon, the consumption of alternative grain noodles will continue to increase. My suggestion? Get a spiraliser (or just use a mandolin) and make your own vegetable noodles. Not only will you be saving truckloads of cash, your zucchini or beet noodles mean that you’ll be getting your quota of five serves of vegetables per day, and if you’ve got your heart set on immortality, then you’ll readily agree that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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