SK-II unveils a Suminagashi-inspired design for its bestseller

SK-II unveils a Suminagashi-inspired design for its bestseller

Marble madness

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

SK-II pays homage to the traditional Japanese art of marbling, Suminagashi, with limited edition designs for the iconic Facial Treatment Essence

Renowned Japanese skincare brand SK-II is recognised for constantly reinventing the design of its bestselling Facial Treatment Essence, and this October, the brand seeks inspiration from an art form that is remarkably close to home. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence now comes cloaked in a beautiful, limited edition design influenced by the ancient art of Japanese marbling, or Suminagashi ("floating ink" in Japanese) to be exact.

SK-II unveils a Suminagashi-inspired design for its bestseller (фото 1)

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It's only fitting that the art of Suminagashi is rooted with a powerful philosophy that resonates with the brand's vision: There is no wrong drop as each dot and swirl come together to create a truly unique art piece, serving as a reminder of one's power to paint their own path. SK-II's iconic Facial Treatment Essence is decked in a red, blue and green design respectively that's reminiscent of the simple ink and water design akin to the 12th-century art form. Suminagashi art is created via dropping ink into the water and blowing the surface gently to create swirling patterns as the ink floats to the top.

Whether you need a smooth makeup base or a rejuvenating boost to your skin, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence's Pitera-filled formula will hydrate your skin while leaving it crystal clear. Get your hands on these beauty coffrets just in time for the upcoming festive season as well.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition is available in red, blue and green Suminagashi-inspired designs for a limited time only at all SK-II counters across Malaysia from October 2016.


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