3 Personalised hair repair treatments to give you stronger, healthier hair

3 Personalised hair repair treatments to give you stronger, healthier hair

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Tame the frizz and whip your hair back into shape with these bespoke, in-salon hair repair treatments

Looking for a tried-and-tested method to putting the lustre back to your tresses? If you're scouring for something a little more potent thatn your at-home haircare products, try these three bespoke in-salon hair repair treatments that are tailored for different hair conditions—whether it's damaged tresses or the finest of locks.

Our team puts Schwarzkopf Pro's BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatments and Boosters range to the test and here's how our hair looks after the custom treatments:

If you have: chemically treated, coloured hair

Buro tries: BC Fibre Clinix pH 4.5 Colour Booster, BC Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster and BC Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster

"As someone whose hair has been diagnosed by stylists as "damaged" ever since I started colouring my hair (well, even when I had virgin hair after taking a break from dyeing it), I had given up on both stylists and hair treatments—mostly because of how guilty I feel about all those colouring trips, and that treatments hardly make any difference to my locks."

"Thankfully, Kelvin Koh from Monsoon-id and the new BC Fibre Clinix hair repair treatment service proved enough to change my mind. For one, Kelvin was detailed. His consultation included reviewing my hair type, needs and recommended treatments to revive said hair. Fun fact: Our hair is 80 per cent water and 20 per cent protein but moisture is easily lost with every wash, stripping natural shine and texture. As for my coloured hair, little did I know that UV rays and indoor lighting are both capable of making the dye look 'faded'."

"And so I needed three out of the five available Boosters to treat my coloured hair, coupled with the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment masque for coarse hair. But before all that, he shampooed my hair to prep the hair structures to better receive the masque and serums."

"Post-treatment and the colour of my hair looked instantly more vibrant, and my locks ultra soft and bouncy. It's probably the most impressive hair repair treatment I've ever done and I'd definitely do it again (perhaps in two months as the effects of the treatment are touted to last up to 60 days with the use of the BC Bonacure home care range)." – Rachel Au, Editor


If you have: thick, frizzy hair

Buro tries: BC Fibre Clinix Collagen Volume Booster, BC Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster and BC Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster

"My hair tends to get really frizzy with plenty of flyaways that I can't seem to tame. Ironically, my hair isn't dry nor do I dye it, so it was interesting to learn that even though I try my best to stay away from dehydrating processes, my hair is still prone to damage. My ends especially were parched, and I was advised that air pollution is a factor, as well as being exposed to a dry, air-conditioned spaces for long periods of time."

"Kelvin recommended the BC Fibre Clinix collagen volume booster, hyaluronic moisture booster and keratin smooth booster combination. The first for a boost of volume on my roots, hyaluronic for added moisture, and keratin to smoothen the cuticles. I liked how quickly the entire process went—although, my short bob did factor into its speed. But I believe if you're in need of a quick fix, it's the perfect hair repair treatment to indulge your tresses."

"Barely an hour later and my hair looked pretty amazing (no flyaways in sight!). It has never looked this silky and shiny. The unruly strands were tamed, plus it smelled really nice, too." – Stephanie Boey, Fashion Writer


If you have: fine hair, oily scalp

Buro tries: BC Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster, BC Fibre Clinix Collagen Volume Booster and BC Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster

"I have fine hair and a slightly oilier scalp, and a lack of volume has always been a concern. No thanks both my hair texture and my scalp condition, my hair looks flat on most days no matter the product I'm using. After a quick consultation with Kelvin, he suggested to combine the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment masque for fine hair along with the Hyaluronic Moisture, Collagen Volume and Keratin Smooth Boosters."

"What I really like about this treatment is that they will assess your hair first before deciding on a treatment to treat your hair condition—uncannily similar to how a doctor diagnoses his patients according to their needs. We first started out with a thorough shampoo, then straight to the hair repair treatment—all done under two hours. After the treatment, my hair felt really light and soft, and super smooth to the touch. I love how divine my hair smelled! Overall, it was a good experience and a really good treat to the deserving hair (and scalp). I would highly recommend it." - Chong Yi Suen, Art Director

Schwarzkopf Pro BC Fibre Clinix Hair repair treatment is available at Monsoon ID in 1 Utama Shopping Centre and other selected Schwarzkopf Professional salons nationwide.