10 Best and worst celebrity quarantine haircut


By Melissa Foong

10 Best and worst celebrity quarantine haircut

Celebrities are often seen carrying the latest trends from fashion to hair. This year these stars have decided to go through major hair transformations in the midst of quarantine and they might have gotten a little too crazy with it. We’ve rounded up a few celebrity hairstyles you could try or possibly avoid.

5 Worst Celebrity Haircuts

1. Justin Bieber

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Early this year, Bieber has been spotted on many occasions out with an artfully messy bedhead. We’re not sure if he intended for it to look like that or he was just too lazy to pick up a brush. While many loathe the “Baby” crooner’s ‘fresh out of bed’ hairstyle, a handful of Beliebers defended him and actually admitted to liking his rather natural appearance.

2. Armie Hammer


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Armie Hammer who played Mr de Winter in the Netflix film, Rebecca might have gone a little crazy with the clipper during quarantine. While wearing a ripped crop top and beach shorts, the actor posed in front of the mirror revealing a fresh new mohawk and mustache. Fans were quick to express their opinions about his new haircut, one user even commented on his post asking if he was okay.

3. Blake Shelton

While quarantined together, the country musician and his fiance Gwen Stefani jumped on a virtual interview with Jimmy Fallon. The singer’s betrothed got a little cheeky and instead of trying to create a mullet, she shaved TV host’s initials on each side of his head. Though Shelton seemed to not mind, his hair will likely grow unevenly.

4. Miley Cyrus


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Mullets have officially made a comeback this year thanks to Joe Exotic, the controversial Netflix star from the “Tiger King” series. The ex-Disney star decided to give herself a hair makeover or rather the opposite, when her take on the style missed the mark. Fans were quick to create memes comparing her fresh cut to the Netflix star and many believed that the mullet should remain in the past, I hate to say I agree with them.

5. Ruby Rose


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Just when you thought Ruby Rose’s two-tone hair transformation might be her boldest look, the actress took to Instagram to debut her new dye job. Rose’s shaved head looked like it resembled a kaleidoscope or rather a patch of oil you can find on the road during rainy days.

5 Best Celebrity Haircuts

1. Ciara


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